CCTV Surveillance Cameras

CCTV surveillance system for the latest IP Cameras & Smartphone Integration

Security 2000 can assist with the planning of your CCTV system to meet the many needs required in today’s market place to limit loss, vandalism and accident litigation. Cameras of all types can be used to achieve your requirements, such as covert, Vandal Resistant, HD and IP, auto panning, pre-set patrols, infra red for low or no lighting situation to a basic surveillance situation, all recorded to a NVR (Network Video recorder) which requires no weekly attention as the HDD (Hard Disc Drive) will overwrite approximately each month or longer if required (Depending amount of storage fitted).

The NVR can be networked on to your computer network, password protected to provide access to other computers on the network and can be accessed remotely with a broadband connection from a remote site using another computer.

Our Products

Do you have an iPhone or iPad?

These items can now be used to remote access your cameras system to view and search events when required from anywhere this is also available on Android.

The NVR will permit the connection of multiple cameras and record all cameras simultaneously and can be programmed to only record when movement is detected in the designated areas.

Specialised cameras such as ID card scanners, High or low light Cameras or number plate cameras any specific requirement just ask us and we will find a suitable cameras for the application.

Security 2000 is pleased to provide obligation free quotes and advice in all areas