24 Hour Monitoring

Service Overview

Security 2000 provides 24 Hour Monitoring of all current Alarm transmission formats using CAMS central station software. All existing Security systems can be reprogrammed to be monitored.

The Centre is Certified by ASIAL – The highest Security grading in Australia

We utilise the latest GPRS communicators providing a secure polled communications path for your security system to the monitoring centre, never worry about SIM cards again this is all inclusive.

Most security system even earlier models can also be controlled by your smartphone with an app via the GPRS communicator, if you want me information please contact us.

GPRS Monitoring Permaconn and Direct Wireless

GPRS Monitoring Permaconn and Direct Wireless is a higher level of security as it utilizes the GPRS Network to do all reporting of the Security system to the Monitoring Centre and does not use the Telephone line at all (Saves on telephone calls) Its is also polled on an Hourly interval and should a poll be missed this alerts the control room operator. Other Polling times are available on request.

IP Monitoring

The monitoring centre not only monitors for alarm situations they also monitor AC Fails, Low Batteries, Test Reports, Medical and Smoke Alarms together with open and close reports as well as Individual open and close reporting of partitioned systems, where more than one area share the same security system.

Activity Report

Activity Report is recording of all alarm and event history and is available in a report to you detailing who uses the system and when they open and close the system. This can be provided on a weekly or monthly basis, just ask us.